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Small Amount of Fresh Garlic Excavation,Garlic Stocks Rise

April 13,2022,today,cold storage garlic market hard rise,because good goods are in short supply,stockholders often charge higher prices for their goods,just need merchants to follow up slightly passive,producing areas of good quality mixed grade and grade garlic trading heat fair,garlic prices in producing rose two to three cents;Qi County, ZhongMou and Pizhou and other production areas smooth.In addition,the purchase price of premature garlic sprout in Henan today is 1.30-1.50 yuan/catty,and the early fresh garlic in Henan is listed in a small amount,and the price is about 1.80 yuan/catty.

Shandong production area,morning,the inventory of garlic market strong,among them,sellers of good quality goods demand hard prices,sellers of substandard goods are also more insistent,due to suitable low – price supply is not very good can be organized,the deal is concentrated in the warm need and market grading garlic and other supplies,cold storage garlic price center of gravity has a slight support.In the afternoon,jinxiang production area the inventory of garlic market signs of stability,or driven by disk and popularity,sellers who stock good quality goods are demanding higher prices,but general and partial inferior quality goods source sellers with market sales,demand end just need merchants to follow up enthusiasm has slowed signs,part of the buyer procurement lower standards,the market was not as hot in the afternoon as in the morning,there are problems in the market source transaction is still not smooth,all day part of the mixed grade garlic prices have two or three cents up,the general mixed grade price is 1.68-1.78 yuan/catty,garlic rice material price in 1.40-1.54 yuan/catty,big mixed grade price in 1.90-2.10 yuan/catty.

Henan cold storage garlic market smooth fast,highways and markets remain under traffic control,production area loading,departure tension than earlier easing,the supply side of goods for sale to maintain the original state,storage shipment mentality is steady,part of the seller’s asking price has support intention,at the same time,just need merchants to improve the enthusiasm of inquiry,garlic rice material,Indonesian goods and other goods go faster,cold storage garlic mainstream price is basically stable.At present,the price of inventory garlic rice in Kaifeng production area is about 1.38 yuan/catty,the price of big mixed grade is about 1.93 yuan/catty,the price of Indonesian goods is about 1.70 yuan/catty.The price of inventory garlic rice material in Zhengzhou production area is 1.30-1.50 yuan/catty,the price of early-maturing garlic is about 1.70 yuan/catty,and the price of big mixed grade is 1.80-1.85 yuan/catty.In addition,today’s precocious garlic sprout purchase price in 1.30-1.50 yuan/catty,mainly to hair market fresh food,the price has a small rise yesterday.

Production areas in Jiangsu are under strict control,highway intersections are strictly checked and controlled,producing area loading, freight,delivery are more inconvenient,supply of goods to maintain the original state,most storage business shipping mentality temporary stability,selling adhere to the bottom line,there is a gap on the demand side,but due to the shortage of vehicle scheduling,cold storage garlic cargo is not large,the transaction is mainly carried out around 6.0cm and superior garlic,partial active trading.The mainstream price of 6.5cm grade garlic in the warehouse is 3.50-3.80 yuan/catty,30 to 40 cents lower per level,the inventory of white garlic transaction is still sporadic,the price of 6.5cm white garlic is 4.20-4.30 yuan/catty.Raw skin processing garlic price at about 3.30 yuan/catty,processing garlic price is strong.

Due to the further reduction of epidemic prevention and control,logistics vehicle transportation is not smooth,and the market is generally short of good sources of goods.That leads to higher product prices.But garlic prices are generally stable as new supplies are about to hit the market.    


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