Dehydrated vegetables & fruits


The Trend of Dehydrated Vegetables Consumption

You may find the trend of consuming dehydrated vagetables from market, to make instant food like noodles, fast soup, cakes, dishes…..

People may get self-accusation when eating instant noodles, thinking that you are eating something with no nutrition, but once you have their partner-dehydrated vegetables, then you will forget this trouble. You can add in dehydrated cabbage flakes, dehydrated chives rolls, dehydrated carrot granules, dehydrated shiitake dices, dehydrated bell pepper even with dehydrated eggs, freeze dried sweet corn and green peas, that’s the perfect choice on your eating!

Dehydrated vegetables can be called rehydrated vegetables, they are made from fresh ones and by washing, cutting, air-drying/freeze-drying, they will loss most of their moisture and remain only 5%-12% percent, but their original color, ador, appearance and nutritional facts remain almost no change, by this processing the crop season has been adjusted well, people can have vegetables all year round with fresh or dried products, just soak them into clean water, hot or boiling, when you need some, it’s so convenient and fast.


Where to buy dehydrated vegetables?

There are various websites that will guide you on where to buy dehydrated vegetables. Research reveals that people prefer dehydrated vegetables to fresh ones because they can be stored for a longer period of time. It is also possible that you can import them from another country of good origin, and even if there are delays on the way, you could find that your dehydrated vegetables are completely intact. When you are buying dehydrated vegetables from your preferred shop, you need to ensure that they have the right packages. It is also critical to check its date of expiration so that you will not purchase a product that is already spoiled.

Now is the new crop season of dehydrated garlic, then season of carrot starts from July, green bell pepper in August, red bell pepper in September, together with tomato…. Some clients may be waiting for the price of garlic fluctuation but for now it’s still near a bottom price, new crops market is coming.






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