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What’s the Difference Between Banana Chips

People may get lost when searching for banana chips on the Internet, or feel confused when reviewing some website to find the one they are looking for. They may or may not know clearly about what’s the type they want.

There are several kinds of banana chips-made by frying, toasting, drying or freeze drying slices of ripe bananas, they all taste so good as a convenient snack. Banana chips offer us nutritional benefits, let’s see the difference between each kind.

Large sized banana could be thinly sliced and lightly fried in vegetables/coconut oil, you can call it crunchy banana chips. It can also be deep fried, and add sugar or honey as a flavor enhancer, while large amount of fat will be contained.








While freeze dried banana is different, it’s made by rapidly freezing, and then subjecting to a high vocuum to remove the ice by sublimation. It’s more natural and also taste natural and original, and most nutrition elements have no change, you can add sugar in before freeze drying but the crispness in the mouth and original texture may have a little change. To guarantee the broken rate it’s made a little thickner.

Banana chips can be used to make a variety of dishes, you can also make your own toasting or baking banana chips at home, and have your “banana bread” with oatmeal and chopped walnuts.

Don’t forget to use it as a banana flavor ingredient, add a few in your oatmeal, chopped it into any sweet salad toppers, mix it with other dried fruit and nuts for a snack treat etc., these way of eating are all great choices. It benefits your body with rich fiber, iron and potassium, all people with different ages will like it!

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