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Talk About Garlic

It always makes food taste amazing when garlic is added in, it’s used as food preparation in almost every kitchen, it’s nature’s present and people’s culture.

Yes garlic is edible, it’s also health beneficial, when you get sick of a cold or flu, garlic minced can help reduce the effects. Please google the recipe for its medicinal purpose.

Dried garlic, garli powder, minced/granule garlic are all good ways to store fresh garlic, it is best stored in its original package under fresh & dry conditions, temperature at 20-25℃, do not leave it exposed. Dehydrated garlic is in need for many ways on global market, but the market is changing and economy is in decline these months, during the end of 2017, which is influening the garlic demand and garlic price. Seems countries like America, Canada people prefer to consume dehydrated garlic, but it can’t change the falling of garlic price. Maybe more buyers will be active in purchasing again after the new year.




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