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Dried Lemon Peels dried lemon slices

Origin: China
Material: Fresh ripe lemon
Process: air dried
Shapes: slices, strips and dices
Shelf life: 12 month
Possible additive: none
MOQ: 6 MT.
Lead time: 2-3 weeks.
Different cut shapes are available according to customer's need
Product Details Specification Package and Storage
Fat-free, Non-GMO

Process: Air dried pure natural with no addtives and flavors

Part: peels Mostly, small amount of flesh

Size: Round slices, strips and dices

Color: Yellow and white

Suit for Every age, pure natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives;

Used as: Tea making, flavor ingredients for any food reprocessing or treat-making

Package: Bulk
Inner packing: Double plastic bag
Outer packing: Paper carton

Storage: Store the product under fresh & dry conditions, do not leave product exposed.

Free samples: Available.

Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date when kept in its original packaging and is stored according to above mentioned conditions.

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  1. Dried lemon slices with flesh
  2. Dried lemon slices for lemon peels only
  3. Dried lemon peels strips
  4. Dried lemon peels dices 5*5mm, 6*6mm, 8*8mm etc.

Package: Two layer PE bags wrapped in papper carton, 10kg/carton.

Storage: Keep it in cool and fresh dry place, no direct sunlight.


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