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Report on Dehydrated Garlic Industry

There are four-six cloves garlic and hybrid garlic (more than ten cloves), the former tastes more hot with stronger flavor, but cloves are smaller, that’s the difference between two kinds of materials.

As for dehydrated garlic flakes, there will be flakes with head (root) or not. When heads are cut out, the flakes looks much white and clean. We use water from deep well to process garlic, and metal detectors are used in every link. It needs about 3.5kg fresh garlic to produce 1kg dehydrated ones.

You may notice the price fluctuation for dehydrated garlic recently, it’s supposed to decrease while it falls and up again with the handle of some merchants and agents.

Like the end of May, dehydrated garlic material price was 18,000 RMB/MT in the beginning, and rise into 20,000 RMB/MT in the middle of June, then it fell to 16,500 RMB/MT in the first day of this week, but up again to 17,000 RMB/MT yesterday.

This year in 2017 China have totally 5,700,000 mu of garlic plant area, 25% increased with 1/5 of the yield growth for each mu compared with last year 2016. The early-maturing and mid-maturing garlic has been sold out from the market, and only the late-maturing ones left to fulfill consumer’s need.

The price may rise & fall, but the general price will go up for a recent period, hope buyers will use three-three way to purchase, each time bring in 1/3 of the total amount you need within 2017. By doing this you can avoid some risk efficiently.

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June 30th, 2017


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