Dehydrated vegetables & fruits


What Do You Know About dehydrated carrot?


Dehydrated carrot is a kind of dried vegetable with its original flavor while percent of water removed, dehydration is a way to reduce water content and Inhibit microbial activity, so the product can be stored for a long time, you can usually find it in the flavoring bags of instant noodles.

Processed with ripe carrots, dehydrated carrot granules are a main ingredients for many kinds of fast foods, they have great market and sell well at home and abroad. This dehydration skill is easy and convenient, it add the value of carrot a lot.


You can learn this technology by picking the material, washing, cutting, blanching, air drying and packing, leave the goods in warehouse under temperature 14℃, they can be kept for 24 months within dry and fresh places.

It’s also very nutritive to eat dehydrated carrots, it benefits your liver and eyesight with lots of carotenes, purges against cancer with plant fibres, promotes the growth and development of children and strengthenes your immune system with Vitamin A, also a good food choice for diabetes, hypertension and CHD patients.

Normally there are air dried and freeze dried processing methods in making industrialized dehydrated vegetables. During the two ways by freeze drying the color, odor, taste and shape of fresh vegetables can be kept in maximum, and the freeze dried ones can be recovered as fresh quickly into water, but because of its higher costs 90% of the buyers prefer to air dried products.

By dehydration the residual moisture of material is only 5%-10%, it’s convenient to eat, store and take-away, but better only for ingredients not staple food.


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