Dehydrated vegetables & fruits

Freeze Dried Cranberry

All natural and healthy- no preservatives
Shapes: whole, Slices, powder
Moisture: ≤5%
Shelf life: 12 month
Process: freeze dried
Variety:  pure natural 
Used as: snack ingredients, dried fruit blending, smoothie kid food
Full nutrition elements maintained without any destory
Product Details Specification Parameters Chemical & Physical
100% Natural freeze dried cranberry without any additives;
Gluten-free and Non-GMO
Appearance: Typical, to maintain the original color of cranberry
Color: red to dark red
Flavor/Odor: Pure taste & fragrance of cranberry
Morphology: Crisp
Used as: snack food, powder as smoothie kid food, can be stirred directly into recipes for almost any baked good, from cookies to muffins to cakes. Or add it directly into breakfast cereal, they are natural, safe colouring and flavouring.
Packing: Bulk packing two layer PE bag, hot sealing closely, carton, not nailing. Or aluminium foil bag wrapped in paper carton
Storage: Temperature under 25℃, humidity not exceed 50%.

Free samples: Available

Shelf life: 12 months

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Size 1: whole   

Size 2: slices                                                                             
Specification: 1-5mm 

Size 3: powder

Specification: 40-80 mesh



Sensory evaluation:
Appearance: Typical, to maintain the original color of cranberry
Flavor/Odor: Pure taste & fragrance of cranberry
Morphology: Crisp

Moisture: MAX 5%
Size : whole, slices, powder
Impurities: No visible external impurities




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