Dehydrated vegetables & fruits

Freeze Dried Kiwi Fruit

All natural and healthy- no preservatives
Shapes: Slices, dices, powder
Moisture: ≤5%
Shelf life: 12 month
Process: freeze dried
Variety:  pure natural 
Full nutrition elements maintained without any destory
Product Details Specification Parameters Chemical & Physical
100% Natural freeze dried kiwi without any additives;
Gluten-free; Allergen-free; Non-GMO
Appearance: Typical, to maintain the original color of kiwi
Color: Green to white
Flavor/Odor: Pure taste & fragrance of kiwi, sweet and sour
Morphology: Crisp
Used as: Backpacking food, camping food, healthy snacks, quick-and-easy cooking at home, fruit juice;
Packing: Bulk packing two layer PE bag, hot sealing closely, carton, not nailing. Or aluminium foil bag wrapped in paper carton
Storage: Better use cold storage to avoid the color turning into white, humidity not exceed 50%. If it became a little white it’s normal, not quality problem
Shelf life: 12 months

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Size 1: slices                                                                                
Specification: 5-7mm thickness;



Sensory evaluation:
Appearance: Typical, to maintain the original color of kiwi
Flavor/Odor: Pure taste & fragrance of kiwi, with natural odor
Morphology: Crisp

Moisture: MAX 5%
Size Chips: Slices; dices; powder
Impurities: No visible external impurities




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